Service &Price list


Preview Bridal Make-up                     Chf. 120.-

Consultation (90 min)

Preview Bridal hair and makeup                  Chf. 230.-

Consultation (2.5 – 3.5 St.)

Bridal – make up (on wedding day)          Chf. 140.-

Hair styling (on wedding day)                    Chf. 120,-

​Bridal- hair and makeup                            Chf. 490,-

incl. Preview, consultation (2.5 – 3.5 St.)

Bridal makeup with airbrush                       Chf. 180,-

Airbrush base face & neck

Without preview, with consultation (2 St.)

(on wedding day/event)

​Bridal – make up with airbrush                     Chf. 280,-

Airbrush base-

face and neck

incl. Preview, consultation (2 St.)

​ Bridal hair and airbrush makeup                  Chf. 500

Airbrush Base – Face and Neck

incl. Preview, consultation (2.5 – 3.5 St.)


​Hair and Makeup during the event                         Chf. 230

Evening makeup                                                      Chf. 140

Day Makeup                                                               Chf. 90


Film, TV, show and shooting


Half day (up to 4 hrs)                                              Chf. 400

Full day (up to 6 to 9 hrs)                                      Chf. 800


Materials are not included in the price

Ex. False lashes, Rhine stone or hair accessories


Travel expenses 0.90 kl/hr


The cost for the preview appointment must be paid in cash immediately after the appointment. For all other services an invoice will be sent (payable 10 days).